Concentric Circles – Nurturing Awe and Wonder in Early Learning

This book approaches learning through the lens of the Qur’anic worldview and is designed as a tool to help us reflect and reassess the ‘what’, ‘why’, and ‘how’ questions of education. It can serve as a springboard of teaching ideas, a resource book to direct the process of planning the learning experience, and as a route to ponder reflective questions about our experience as facilitators of learning.

This is a book that has arisen from the belief that we are here in this world for a purpose and together we can learn and understand and live, with intention and meaning. It is a book about the kind of learning that is transformative in nature, which touches the young learner and not-so-young learner at all levels. This book addresses the parent and teacher, for this is where transformation begins. This book maintains that a facilitator caught up in the wonder of understanding things as they truly are is gripped with the fervent urgency to live on the Straight Path and that, when things are taken to heart, there is no doubt that passionate conviction leads to compelling action, and that this is the realm of learning. It means we live what we believe.

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Paperback, pp. 316
Concentric Circles – Nurturing Awe and Wonder in Early Learning provides a clear and practical approach to planning, organizing and facilitating the learning experience for young Muslim children. 

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